Resurfacing Facials

Ani's Electrology and Skin Care delivers facials for every skin type.  Each facial is tailored to each clients individual needs.



Diamond tip resurfacing system is an alternative to chemical peels.  This non-invasive, no downtime technique exfoliates the topmost layer of the skin to revive collagen growth, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, minor acne scarring and discoloration , and better product penetration.  Smooth and healthy skin is revealed in no time. 

Includes skin analysis, microdermabrasion, cleansing with detoxifying steam, exfoliation, extraction (optional), soothing massage, mask, neck, shoulder and hand/arm massage, toner, eye serum, moisturizer with sun protection.

One treatment will improve your skins smoothness, however, a series of treatments will maximize the effect.        One treatment                      $89

                                                                    Series of 4-6  every 10 days    $50

                                                                     (extraction not included)

Pumpkin Peel


This next generation of ingredients brightens, rejuvenates and tightens the skin.  Refining the pores and skin texture, you'll leave with a healthy glow.  This treatment is great for any skin type such as anti-aging, acne, pigmentation and dehydrated skin.

The pumpkin peel with SCT ( Stem Cell Technology) offers a new peel experience with the next generation of ingredients.  The pumpkin enzymes polish the skin, as the AHA, Glycolic and Lactic, salicylic along with Retinol, peel and regenerate the skin.  Finally, plant derived, SCT is added to this peel to benefit the life of skin cells for healthier skin.  The Pumpkin peel treatment begins with skin analysis, cleansing with detoxifying steam, exfoliation, pumpkin peel, extraction (optional), soothing massage, mask, neck, shoulder and hand/arm massage, toner, eye serum, moisturizer with sunscreen.                                                                                                    $79

Non-Chemical Peel/Dermal Therapy


All natural organic treatment with 17 of the most active plant and fruit derived antioxidants, along with enzymes,  proteins, vitamins, natural peptides and lipids filters into the skin.

This is an organic non-acid line, Osmosis by Dr. Dan Johnson, which is a favorite of celebrities worldwide.  The peel consists of safe, active ingridients derived from natural plant, fruit and vegetable acids without the harsh, toxic acids that harm the skin.

This peel is safe for every skin type remodeling your skin with minimal downtime and no discomfort or inflamation.   Mild to moderate exfoliation will be seen 2-3 days after the peel.  A gentle peel with significant results.

Benefits include: Increases fibroblast activity and number of fibroblasts, Increases capillary flow to increase food supply to dermis, Normalizes oil production, Thickens dermis without trauma, Calm acne and rosacea symptoms, Lift hyper-pigmentation, Reduce fine lines and Improve skin tone and elasticity. This treatment includes skin analysis, cleansing with detoxifying steam, exfoliation, and extraction (optional).                            $79