Signature Facial

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A delightful experience with remarkable results.  All facials are tailored to individual skin conditions.

Start Up Facials

For a quick skin boost before your night out or for those who require pampering will look rejuvenated with tight pores, hydrated and fresh skin.  Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage, mask, eye serum, and a moisturizer with sun protection.                                                                                $40


Our most popular facial. Benefits all skin types.  Usually done once a month to unclog pores from the environmental toxins, polution, and debris that enter the pores making it larger with blackheads/whiteheads trapped in it, unhealthy looking, increasing fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration and dullness.  Customized products are used for individual skin type to put the skin back in balance.  Experience the difference in texture and appearance of your skin after just one treatment.

The treatment begins with a skin analysis, deep cleansing with detoxifying steam, exfoliation, vacuum, extraction, relaxing massage, mask, neck shoulder, arm/hand massage, toner, eye serum,  and moisturizer with sun protection.                          $60                           

Puffy eyes, fine lines (crows feet), or dark circles make you look tired and ill.  Dull eyes are the most common beauty problems.

The Revitalizing Eye Treatment uses a combination of vitamins and essential oils that have a soothing, calming, anti-wrinkle, anti-inflamatory, and lifting effect.  In addition ion and vibration machine massage technique is used to assist the penetration of products and promote blood circulation around the eyes. Finally, a collagen mask is used to sooth, firm, and lift the eyes.        $25

Upgrade to a  gold collagen eye mask for an extra $15

Skin care is not for women anymore, these days more and more men are seeking out facial treatments.  Just so you know, skin is an equal opportunity organ!

Facials for men are specificaly formulated for male skin.  These are facials that target skin that is roughened by spending time in the outdoors, living in the city, acne aging and more...  Men can benefit from facials by improving the appearance of their skin through cleaning the pores, exfoliating dead skin, toning and exercising the face with a massage.

The years and unhealthy living habits remove the moisture, texture, youthfulness from your skin, so it needs to be put back.

Make sure to shave the evening before a facial treatment so your skin wont feel tender and sore.                                                   $60

Revitalizing Eye Treatment

Gentlemen's Facial