Medical Grade Acne Treatment For Teens and Adults

Micro-Needle/Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen Eye Mask            $10

Gold Collagen Eye Mask   $15

Collagen Lip Mask             $10

Gold Collagen Mask          $25


Don't let living with acne become miserable.  Having acne doesn't just affect the way you look.  It can affect your self esteem, social life, and many number of other things.  ABOVE ALL, PLEASE DON'T PUT OFF YOUR ACNE TREATMENT SINCE IF NOT TREATED EARLY, IT CAN LEAVE SCARRING AND SKIN IMPERFECTIONS-EVEN AFTER IT'S GONE!

This treatment is not just an ordinary acne facial.  Medical grade products are used along with an anti-bacterial high frequency wand to destroy the bacteria that causes acne and flare-ups.

Acne sufferers will be delighted to see the improvement in their skin immediately after receiving this treatment.  Some individuals might need a series of treatments depending how severe the acne is.                                                                    $65

Ultrasonic Facial

This revolutionary celebrity treatment has been featured on Doctors and Rachel Ray, and many other shows in Europe and Asia.  Micro-needle therapy gets your body to heal flaws in your skin by puncturing the outer layer of the skin creating micro-channels the the dermis.  The brain sends signals to the deeper layers of the skin to produce collagen and elastin to heal the skin.  Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant  products are applied for quicker results since the products can be easily penetrated with the open channels.  Each roller comes with LED, another added benefit, with different colors for each individual condition to target photoreceptors inducing theraputic response for optimum results.

Benefits fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, acne, hyper-pigmentation, thickening the skin, reduces stretch marks...

One roller is used per client with LED (Light -emitting Diodes) which is beneficial in treating many conditions with its different colors for individual needs.

4-6 treatments are needed spaced between 10-30 days apart.  Results will be seen 4-6 weeks thereafter.     $125 per treatment

Signature Facial or European Facial has helped women and men in clearing pores and refining skin.  If your ready to take the next level, then consider Ultrasonic Facial treatment.

This high-tech treatment uses ultrasound/ultrasonic that emits high-frequency waves benefiting a variety of skin types and improving many skin conditions such as reducing acne spots, improves skin tone, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, decreases rosacea, tissue healing, stimulates collagen production, increases cell rejuvenation, treats inflamation, reduces puffiness around eyes, hydrates and lifts.                                                $60

A series of 6-8  treatments recommended for maximum benefit spaced7-10 days apart.  The series price would be $40/treatment

after the first full treatment.  The series excludes extractions.                                    

However, if you have autoimmune disorder, a diagnosed heart disorder, pace-maker, or cancer, it's best to skip this treatment.

Therapeutic Treatments

These treatments and products are customized to each individual condition.